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For general information about our repertoire, and for detailed information about specific pieces, please click on the name of the genre.

“Zorzal’s blend of lively rhythms, fine vocal harmony, and fascinating instruments is a unique contribution to the musical scene.  Those attending the Adams County Heritage Festival were captivated by Zorzal’s music from Spain and the Americas, as well as well-researched information about each song.” Jan Powers, Adams County Heritage Festival Planning Committee

“El grupo dió un concierto explosivo y emotivo de música Latino Americana y música en español para toda la familia.” El Diaro Latino, Gettysburg, PA 3/29/2006

"For the past five years or so, I have incorporated Zorzal performances into my Spanish literature classes, as well as my class on the Music and Dance of Spain and Latin America. In the latter case, we focus on the New Song Movement, growing out of the political oppression and struggle for human rights in Latin America in the 1980’s. Although we listen to a lot of recorded music in the class, the students do not fully understand the emotional intensity of the music, and its power to move people and bring about change, until they hear the music live. In my literature class, which focuses on the Medieval and Early Modern literature of Spain, the music plays an even more crucial role. Often the message of the poetry is obscured by the difficulties they have with the language, and by listening to Zorzal perform the pieces, they can experience it much the same way Medieval Spanish people did, in public performances. We are very lucky to have access to Zorzal, as usually such groups only perform in major urban areas, and even then they are hard to find." Nancy Cushing-Daniels, Chair of the Spanish Department, Gettysburg College, 2006-2008

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